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We are The Children's Health Market, publishers of THE GREAT BODY SHOP, a PreK-8th grade nationally recognized comprehensive health education resource. For over 3 decades we have been working to meet the needs of millions of teachers, students, and families, as we continually update THE GREAT BODY SHOP and respond to the ever changing and growing needs for health education.

The Children's Health Market was established in 1987 in response to urgent needs expressed by school districts to help design a curriculum that would teach children and their families how to become more responsible and knowledgeable regarding their personal, family, and community health.

It was quite a challenge and one that our company took on with enthusiasm and dedication. One of the hallmarks of our company is our passion for what we do. In the beginning, we had no idea that our mission would carry us this far or impact so many. We estimate that almost 9 million students and their families have grown up making better decisions about their health and their lives due to the years they spent learning new critical thinking skills with THE GREAT BODY SHOP.

Another of our hallmarks is that we listen to our customers and respond to their needs. We have been careful to meet all the national and state standards as well as accommodate the “wish lists” of many urban, suburban, and rural school districts and communities. It is through this constant engagement with our customers and staying mindful of current trends and best practices that THE GREAT BODY SHOP continues to evolve, improve, and innovate.

We have been able to be so responsive because of the personal nature of our company. We have learned that getting to know our customers on a personal basis is crucial to understanding the context in which they are teaching and learning. We do not advertise much as we have found that happy customers validate THE GREAT BODY SHOP better than any marketing campaign ever could. We have been at this a long time, but our excitement about learning and growing is just as great as it was in the beginning!

We have come a long way since the beginning. Our company began its life in Wilton, CT in the basement of a family home, but when the huge semi-trucks started rolling through the neighborhood to make deliveries, it was time to get a "real" office and find a warehouse and distribution facility. Today, we have our own manufacturing and distribution center in Toledo, Ohio. We also have an Instructional Support team made up of Program Consultants who provide support to districts all over the country. Our headquarters remains in Wilton, in a beautiful barn next to a stream where occasional visiting wildlife inspire us as we do our work - continually looking for new and better ways to make THE GREAT BODY SHOP the best there is in health education.

Thank you for your interest in THE GREAT BODY SHOP. Without all of you who have helped us, we wouldn't be looking back on 32 years and looking forward to many more!

Nancy Grace
Nancy M. Grace
The Children's Health Market, Inc.

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