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A nationally recognized comprehensive health education curriculum, serving students, and their families from Preschool through Middle School.

The Curriculum


Join Dr. Smartstuff, Betsy, and Cool Dude as they help you teach children lessons about safety, hygiene, nutrition, and a host of other mental, physical, and social health topics. Using music, puppets, activity centers, Family Issues, and an engaging Big Book, children and their families will build a foundation for healthy choices.

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Comprehensive health education based on critical thinking is the hallmark of our elementary curriculum. Personalized Student Issues combined with family activities and dynamic lessons build positive health values and life skills. All health content is brain-based, thematic and integrates other academic skills.

Middle School

Physical, social, emotional, and mental health curriculum especially designed for young adolescents. Life-long learning skills are stressed and applied to a variety of health topics. Contemporary Student Issues, Family Bulletins and discussion starters, along with engaging lessons, projects, and activities that stimulate learning, discussion and action.