About Us

We are The Children’s Health Market and we have been publishing THE GREAT BODY SHOP for over 27 years now, constantly updating the material and responding to growing and changing needs for health education for young people and their families everywhere.

We began The Children’s Health Market in 1987 in response to urgent needs expressed by school districts to help them establish curricula in their school districts that would teach children and their families how to become more responsible and knowledgeable with regard to their personal, family and community health.

It was quite a challenge and one that our little company took on with enthusiasm and dedication. We have always had a passion for what we do. It is one of the hallmarks of The Children’s Health Market. We had no idea at the time that our mission would carry us this far or impact so many people. We estimate that more than 5 million students and their families have grown up making better decisions about their health and their lives due to the years they spent happily learning with THE GREAT BODY SHOP.

Our company began its life in Wilton, CT in the basement of a family home, but when the huge semi-trucks started rolling through the neighborhood to make deliveries at the house, it was time to get “real” office space and to move our warehouse and distribution facilities to other quarters. Now, 27 years later, we have our own manufacturing and distribution center in Toledo, Ohio. We have our home office in Wilton in a beautiful barn next to a stream where occasional visiting wildlife inspire us as we do our work continually looking for new and better ways to make THE GREAT BODY SHOP the best there is in health education.