Our Unique Approach

The Great Body Shop: Comprehensive Health Education for K-6 Video
An evidenced-based, comprehensive health education curricular resource for teachers, students, and families in grades K-6.

THE GREAT BODY SHOP has a unique approach to delivering health education. This is because it is designed primarily for children and their families. Briefly this is how it works: Monthly, for grades K-6, Student Issues are sent to the school to be used in the classroom. The Student Issue looks like a health magazine and is used like as a periodical or informational text. Teachers and students work with the instructional materials, typically once a week, to provide a solid understanding of the health issues found in the magazine. At the end of the month, students take the Student Issue home and use them for family activities, discussions and homework. In this way, one Student Issue is able to educate not only the student, but support the family as well.

It is our belief that when schools and families work as a team to reinforce health knowledge and skills, it can go a long way toward helping children make the kind of decisions about his or her body that will keep him or her healthy, safe, drug free, and ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Collage showing how the curriculum flows from schools to lessons to families